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Water flow pipe

The experts in water supply pipe replacements

A team of moling experts

All the members of our team have years of moling experience. This means you will always get a professional service, no matter which type of work you require. Be it a lead pipe repair / replacement or water supply pipe upgrade due to low water


We have the moling technology that allows us to solve any water supply problems without any hassle for you. Our trenchless water pipe replacement technology means that you get a fast solution that will not require us to lift any of your patio or driveway. By choosing moling, you save money, time, and mess.

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Improved water flow is beneficial as improved delivery to water dependent appliances will help reduce energy costs. If you currently have a lead or steel supply and experiance low water pressure making use of our lead pipe replacement service can increase your water flow by up to 60%

Optimum Water Flow


Even in a modern dwelling there is now more often a requirement for higher flow rates and pressures due to the installation of systems such as pressurized hot water cylinders and combi boilers. New MDPE services can have a flow rate several times greater than traditional metal pipes or lead water supply's.

So if you have low water flow or pressure call today to take advantage of our water supply pipe replacement using the latest in moling technology

Water Quality


With modern MDPE water supply pipes everyone can enjoy good quality water straight from the tap.

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Here at EMS we specialise in water supply pipe repairs, water supply pipe replacement and lead pipe renewals, our fully qualified engineers are highly motivated and are committed to the highest level of customer care. With over 15 years experience we’re the first point of call for a continually growing customer base.


Highly qualified with expert knowledge we provide a guaranteed, reliable, cost effective solution for your water supply needs, with outstanding customer care provided by competent, polite and friendly engineers.


Be it a localised water main repair, water pipe replacement or water supply pipe replacement using the latest in Moling technique (trenchless technology) we will provide you a cost effective alternative to traditional trenching methods, minimising the time, cost and disruption to your property.

So whether you’re looking to replace your outdated water supply, have low water pressure or you have simply sprung a leak and would like to take advantage of our water pipe leak detection methods, call us to take away the stress.


We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to tackle all your water supply pipe needs. We cover:  Weybridge London, Essex, Surrey, Kent.


Cleaner drinking water

Energy saving